Nature is the main source of inspiration for our products’ shapes and features. Our aim is to turn the urban jungle into an eco-friendly space: make sustainable mobility easy while enhancing the natural landscape is a priority to us.

For our Savana line we choose a wood well known in both carpentry and shipbuilding for its characteristics that make it particularly adapt to a prolonged use in weather exposure: okoume wood.

Thanks to its resistance to deterioration and exceptional natural water repellency, this wood guarantees Savana products excellent strength against bad weather even in extreme conditions for many years.

Savana bike station and benches are meant to be easily combined following one’s needs and complete each others from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. Based on the size of the available location and the potential number of users a safe and comfortable rest area can be arranged with a Savana bike station and with the right number of benches.

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