Sequoia bike lifter by Clorofilla.

Clorofilla was born to support cyclists and e-bikers, solving their problems and, in a broader way, the problems of everyone through a better and greener mobility.

After the success of our repair and recharge stations, on July 2021 the Clorofilla project got bigger, providing a solution to a problem we observed working in the bike field.

The Sequoia lifter is made for professional mechanics, who work more and more often on heavy e-bikes, encountering problems.

The pivoting locking two clamps system allows a very stable hold on the bike.

Thanks to Sequoia lifter you won’t need to fix a bike of over 20 kgs only by its seat post, often a telescopic (and thus more delicate) one.

The locking strength necessary on Sequoia is minimal and is divided between the two clamps. The TPU92 rubbers jaws grant the right compromise between locking strength and softness.
In this way even the most expensive carbon frames will be safe with Sequoia.

The position of the bike can easily adjusted to work in any position. Even turning it upside down becomes very easy.

The proposal of Clorofilla with Sequoia lifter is one towards simpleness and minimal maintenance needs.

For this reason, the Sequoia lifter is not provided with an electrical engine inside but it works through a simple battery screwdriver, always present in any mechanical workshop (screwdriver is not included, to be used at 1500-1800 rpm).

If you wish to move Sequoia to the paddock to follow your team at the races, you won’t need any electrical grid connection or cable.

You can easily move it through its back wheels or unscrew the pins and fix it to the ground in your workshop through the holes in the base.

Sequoia bike lifter

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