About Us

Clorofilla was born from a great passion for two wheels. Many of us in the company are riders, even at a race level.
Having broken many bicycles, while racing or in the course of a lifetime, gives us ideas about what it takes to repair them quickly, about the best tools to use or about how handy to use a bike service station should be.

We are lucky enough to combine these experiences in the field with a high level of technical knowledge.

Our company has been producing mechanical components for many Italian industries since 1946, even in very high-precision markets such as the medical industry.
We do almost everything in our factory in Cesena and if we have to choose some external supplier, we buy from local companies with the same level of competence as us.

Even the assembly is done by hand internally, one Clorofilla at a time, with manic precision, doing everything to deliver to the customer a service station that solves problems and does not create them.

Here’s why Clorofilla is both made paying the greatest attention to details and design and at the same time simple to use for everyone.
Producing a “simple” object can be very complex and requires months of studies and prototypes for each new model.

Rationalizing all the components, already in the design phase, means that Clorofilla stations are virtually maintenance-free for a very long time.

Designing and assembling an object that must stand under the snow or in the scorching sun with same operating level, is a much more difficult challenge than it may seem.

We know how to do this, because we have been producing high-level Made in Italy craftsmanship for decades, because we like well done things, because we love design and because we are passionate cyclists.
Clorofilla is born from the indissoluble union of all this.