Sequoia bike lifter

The Sequoia lift, available from July 2021, was created for professional mechanics, who are increasingly struggling to work on rather heavy e-bikes.

The double clamp pivoting clamping system of the Sequoia lift allows a very stable grip of the bike.

It will no longer be necessary to attach a bike weighing over 20 kg. Only through the adjustable seat post, the force required for tightening is minimal and is divided between the two clamps, the TPU92 rubber jaws guarantee the right compromise between clamping rigidity and softness, even expensive carbon frames are safe.

The position of the bike can be conveniently adjusted to work in any position, even turning it completely upside down becomes very easy.

With a view to simplicity and minimal maintenance requirements, Sequoia does not have an electric motor inside but is activated with a simple screwdriver, every mechanic owns one (screwdriver not included, 1500-1800 rpm, it is recommended to use the clutch) .

If you want to transport Sequoia to the paddock to follow your team’s races, you are free from the presence of electricity and electric cables. You can move it comfortably using the rear wheels supplied, or unscrew the feet and use the holes in the base to fix it to the floor of your workshop.

Available from 1st July.

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    Weight: 61 Kg.

    Total height: 188 Cm.

    Base plate dimensions: 62 x 72 Cm.

    Min/max height of the clamp carrier: 83 Cm. – 167 Cm.

    Total clamp carrier stroke: 84 Cm.

    Recommended cordless screwdriver RPM: from 1,500 to 1,800, activate screwdriver clutch.

    Clamp carrier round positions: 12

    Supplied with 4 anchors for fixing to the floor, 13mm socket wrench for cordless screwdriver.

    Standard color

    Custom colors on request for a min. of 5 pcs.