Clorofilla Power bike station

Mechanical service and charging station

If you want to become a reference point for all kind of cyclists, Clorofilla Power is made for you.

With an original and recognizable design it makes a call point for riders looking for assistance and break.

Made for the ordinary maintenance of the bike, to fix small mechanical problems and to recharge up to four bikes at a time, Clorofilla Power provides a service and a form of attention to all cyclists.

On bike paths, in parking lots and bike hubs, inside urban parks and bike parks, Clorofilla is also perfect for all the shops that want to work with cycling customers, such as bike hotels, restaurants, bars, farmhouses, camping and caravan areas.

Clorofilla Power makes you ready to welcome cyclists with a dedicated service.


Height: 151 cm | Weight: 39 kg

N.1 Foot pump

N.4 Schuko 220 V sockets
for E-bikes charging

N.1 Slotted screwdriver

N.1 Cross-head screwdriver

N.1 Pair of tyre levers

N.1 Pedal tightening wrench 15mm

N.1 Universal wrench from 0 to 20 mm

N.1 Multitool with allen keys
mm 2,5-3-4-5-6-8-Torx 25

N.2 Bike support arms

Standard colouring
Pantone 375C
Possibility of colour customisation on request from a minimum of 5 pcs.

Why should I choose it?

Clorofilla Power is designed to be easy to install and handy to use.

Its design, inspired to the shape of a tree, is thought to be functional and as intuitive and ergonomic as possible.

Its two rubber arms are made to safely hang every kind of bicycle in the most comfortable position to inflate tires with the foot pump, work on the bike with the provided tools and recharge the e-bike battery.

The sliding cables and the magnetic pump nozzle make it stay always tidy.

Designed to be used outdoor Clorofilla Power is not afraid of extreme cold or high temperatures and it’s always functioning and ready to use.

No app or authentication needed, the station is thought to provide a service to customers and citizens in an easy and fast way.

With its 4 Schuko sockets, Clorofilla Power can recharge every kind of e-bike and it just needs a simple domestic 220V electricity connection, through the plug provided or with an easy link to the the electricity grid through the body of the station.

Steady and practically without maintenance, Clorofilla Power is made to last.

Our customers’ opinion

Our bar is on a street busy with cyclists everyday. Installing a Clorofilla Power outside is a way of providing a service for them, but it ended up as a service to us, as cyclists not only stop by casually now, but they do choose us because of it, as it makes clear they are welcome here.

(Massimo, Bar Esquisito, Cesena)