Clorofilla Trail bike station

Mechanical service station

If you look for a simple, solid and handy repair station for bicycles, Clorofilla Trail is the right model.

Designed to be placed especially where there’s no human control (paths, mountain refuges, extra-urban cycle paths, bike parks, naturalistic areas and such), Trail is the simplest model of Clorofilla series.

Provided with all the necessary tools for small mechanical interventions on every kind of bicycle, a solid foot pump with a magnetic valve to keep it in order and rubber covered arms to hang the bikes during maintenance, it has all the essential to restart with the bike perfectly running.


Height: 138 cm | Weight: 23.5 kg

N.1 Foot pump

N.1 Slotted screwdriver

N.1 Cross-head screwdriver

N.1 Pair of tire changer levers

N.1 Pedal tightening wrench 15mm

N.1 Universal wrench from 0 to 20 mm

N.1 Multitool with allen keys
mm 2,5-3-4-5-6-8-Torx 25

N.2 Bike support arms

Standard colouring
Standard colouring
Pantone 375C
Possibility of colour customisation on request from a minimum of 5 pcs.

Why you should choose it

The Clorofilla Trail station makes it possibile to furnish an area devoted to the passage of cyclists with a reduced expense and without renouncing to reliability, durability and design.

Its simplified structure presents fixed tool cables, not sliding ones. This makes it possibile for us to use thicker cables in building Clorofilla trail, thus improving its resistance against thefts and vandalisms.

The tools remain protected and tidy inside the hollow body of the station. The rubber finishing avoid any scratch or accidental shocks in the lower part of the station.

The whole pump body and all the tools supplied are the same of the Power and Basic models.

It can be fixed to the ground through the provided dowels or you can move it inside to shelter it when not in use through the moving base (sold separately).

It doesn’t need any maintenance.

Our customers’ opinion

In the pumptrack, we have people at every hour of the day and also in the evening. If we were to personally intervene every time someone needs to inflate a tire or adjust a saddle height, we would need someone solely for these tasks. With the Trail, cyclists can independently handle their adjustments. It requires no maintenance and it’s continuously used during the track’s opening hours.

(Michele, Afterskull Bike Park, Gambettola)