Liana bike rack

The “Liana” rack is suitable for any type of activity related to cycling tourism, if you have a bar, a hotel, a restaurant or a bicycle shop with a strong cycle-touring passage, Liana will allow you to better welcome customers during stops at your base.

7 bicycles in the 220Cm wide model can be hung by the saddle and 4 bicycles in the 150cm wide model. The rubber parts in the upper tube indicate the correct distance between the bikes and do not damage the bicycle seatposts.
Liana can be fixed to the ground using the supplied Fischer nuts, a single person without help can easily close the legs and move it within your shop during closing hours.
Available from May 2022

    7 Stand
    Width: 220 cm | Weight: 22.10 kg

    4 Stand
    Width: 150 cm | Weight: 19.66 kg

    Standard color


    Custom colors on request for a min. of 5 pcs.