Liana bike rack

The easiest and most comfortable solutions for who works with cycling customers

What it can do for you

A cyclist never stop in a bar, shop or restaurant where there is no place to park his bike. It’s a fact. If you never know what to answer to the question: “Where can I put my bike?” – Liana can help you solve the problem.

Light, spacious and not bulky, Liana is available in two different sizes to host four or seven bicycles at the same time.

You can fix it to the ground or out it way inside your bar, restaurant or shop during the closing hours.

Liana bike rack allows you to welcome cyclists without creating any distress with a tidy and safe solution.

Why you should choose it

Liana is a simple solution with some smart details that make it particularly handy and more functional than any DIY idea.

Most of the bike racks or parking facilities for bicycles cannot be used  with some kinds of bicycles with particular dimensions or wheels. By hanging the bike from the saddle you are sure to provide a solution that suits all kind of bicycles, from city bikes to mountain and road bikes, etc.

The rubber inserts help in correctly positioning the bikes to exploit all the available length of the bike rack and help prevent scratches and dents. Cyclists care for their bike, and if they don’t have a safe space to park them they prefer to stop somewhere else.

Liana can be fixed to the ground thanks to the Fischer dowels provided with it. As an alternative, you can open and close it when needed. The shape of its legs is made expressly so it can easily be moved and opened by a single person without any effort.

Once opened, you just have to slide the plastic rings along its legs to block the joint and secure the bike rack against any accidental closure or displacement.

The thickness of the tubes grant the robustness of the bike rack that won’t bend even when charged with a full load of heavy e-bikes.

Our customers’ opinion

“I run exclusive holiday apartments  in Liguria. I bought a Liana bike rack because I work a lot with cyclists and when they get ready in the morning or they have an aperitif when they are back from their ride I had problems in placing all of the bikes safely and without any discomfort for other clients. I found myself with bikes everywhere, parked in unstable positions.  I use my Liana when I host cyclists and I put it away when I don’t need it, it’s a pleasant and tidy solution and very handy too”. (Gianluca Viglizzo, Casa Vacanze Sul Borgo, Finale Ligure)

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    7 Stand
    Width: 220 cm | Weight: 22.10 kg

    4 Stand
    Width: 150 cm | Weight: 19.66 kg

    Standard color


    Custom colors on request for a min. of 5 pcs.