Clorofilla Savana

Savana is the first bike station made of wood, provided with all the essential tools to fix the most common technical problems on any bicycle and with our most reliable pedal pump.

The 3 mm stainless steel cables are particularly resistant to tampering and breaking and their length allow a comfortable use in any position.

Two brackets are provided to hang the bike during break and maintenance, coated in thick skidproof rubber.

Intended use: the design inspired to nature and the neutral colors of wood and metal, made to resist to bad weather, make it perfect for open spaces, even far from human presence, on trails, cycle paths and parks, where it matches easily with the natural landscape.

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    Height: 126,6 cm | Length: 72,8 cm | Weight: 28 kg

    N.1 Floor pump

    N.1 Slotted screwdriver

    N.1 Cross-head screwdriver

    N.1 Pair of tire changer levers

    N.1 Pedal tightening wrench 15mm

    N.1 Universal wrench from 0 to 20 mm

    N.1 Multitool with allen keys
    mm 2,5-3-4-5-6-8-Torx 25

    N.2 Bike support arms

    Standard coloring of metal parts

    Standard coloring of the wooden parts