Savana bike station

Mechanical service station

Savana is the wooden series of Clorofilla that combines practicality and a unique design with shapes and colours that go well with both urban and extra-urban areas where neutral and natural tones prevail.

The shades of Savana station are those of iron and wood, with a shape that plays with the voids and asymmetrical forms typical of the natural elements.

Sold also separately, Savana repair station is meant to be used in combination with Savana bench, that provides recharge and parking for bicycles (two bikes for every bench).

By combining these two elements following the available space and the flow of cyclists, it is possibile to set up areas where cyclists can have a break and charge. For instance in urban parks or cycle paths or in city centres near shopping malls where they can stop for a coffee or a quick lunch.

Elegant and with a light and original construction, Savana station is the choice of architects and landscape designers for its discreet and functional presence.


Height: 126,6 cm | Weight: 28 kg

N.1 Floor pump

N.1 Slotted screwdriver

N.1 Cross-head screwdriver

N.1 Pair of tire changer levers

N.1 Pedal tightening wrench 15mm

N.1 Universal wrench from 0 to 20 mm

N.1 Multitool with allen keys
mm 2,5-3-4-5-6-8-Torx 25

N.2 Bike support arms

Standard colouring
Wooden parts Dark Walnut
Standard colouring
Ral7037 grey metal parts

Why you should choose it

Savana station is made in okoume, a kind of wood used in shipbuilding for its features of high resistance and impermeability.

With steel details and the perfectly waterproof pump that keeps out both water and dirt, Savana is made to last outdoor without any kind of maintenance for a long time.

It is provided with the same tools as Basic and Power models for the basic maintenance of bicycles. The cables are covered in rubber resistant to both cold and hot weather with a thicker section for more protection against thieves and vandals.

Two strong arms covered in rubber to hang the bikes and metal inserts on both sides that show how to use it and allow to put away the pump hose provided with a magnet complete the station.

Modular combo

Creating a rest area is simple with the Savana combined line consisting of the mechanical assistance bike station and the recharging bench.
Add the number of benches you need to the equipped bike station and customise the service according to your needs.

Watch the video and discover the Savana bench.