Clorofilla Basic

Keeping the experience of use with sliding cables, much more comfortable than a station with fixed length cables, we have created Clorofilla Basic. The concept is similar to the Power model but there are no charging sockets for e-bikes.

This allowed us to house the cables in a smaller and simplified structure. You can install the Basic model in the same areas suggested for the Power model and is often requested by bicycle dealers who want to put it out of their workshop available to customers for small quick repairs, why not before a group ride.

Combined with our mobile base on wheels (optional), it can be easily stored inside your shop during closing time.

Intended use: accommodation facilities such as bike hotels, mountain huts, bars and restaurants in trails proximity, camper areas and campsites, bicycle shops.

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    Height: 135 cm | Weight: 29 kg

    N.1 Floor pump

    N.1 Slotted screwdriver

    N.1 Cross-head screwdriver

    N.1 Pair of tire changer levers

    N.1 Pedal tightening wrench 15mm

    N.1 Universal wrench from 0 to 20 mm

    N.1 Multitool with allen keys
    mm 2,5-3-4-5-6-8-Torx 25

    N.1 Bike support arm

    Standard color

    Custom colors on request for a min. of 5 pcs.