Savana bench

Savana bench is meant to rest your body and charge your e-bike safely. Every bench allows two bikes to stand and charge at the same time and offers enough room for two people to seat together comfortably.

Each socket is placed inside a compartment where you can put your charger and that can be safely closed with your bike lock together, thus avoiding robbery or damage.

The shape of the bike stands placed on both sides of the seat can hold perfectly and with no damage any kind of bicycle, which will be right in place for the charging.

Intended use: by putting together different functions and a design adapted to both urban and suburban contexts, the Savana bench can be placed in every place provided with elecricity connection, such as cycle paths, bike parks and other areas meant for cyclists.

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    Height: 55 cm | Length: 89 cm | Weight: 43 kg

    N.2 Bike racks

    N.2 Schuko 220 V sockets
    for E-bikes charging

    N.2 Seats


    Standard coloring of metal parts

    Standard coloring of the wooden parts