Savana bench

Charging seat

The Savana bench, made of wood and painted metal, looks like a simple bench for two people, good to be placed in public areas and parks and along cycle paths and routes or everywhere a rest area for cyclists can be useful.

Savana is meant to accomodate two bicycles and charge them, thanks to the two sockets placed under the seat.

Sold also separately, the Savana bench is made to be used in combination with the Savana repair station of the same line. By modulating the number of the benches according to the available space and the average presence of cyclists it is possible to set up a comfortable area easy to use for everyone.


Height: 55 cm | Length: 89 cm | Weight: 43 kg

N.2 Bike racks

N.2 Schuko 220 V sockets
for E-bikes charging

N.2 Seats

Standard colouring
Wooden parts Dark Walnut
Standard colouring
Ral7037 grey metal parts

Why you should choose it

Under the seat, Savana bench has two electrical sockets placed inside a closed compartment that fits the bike charger.
The compartment can thus be closed by locking the metal lid with your own bike lock by passing it through the metal ring designed for this purpose.

The bike and the charger can then be secured together with the same lock and left safe during the recharging.

The two lateral racks are made to comfortably fit the wheel of every kind of bicycle, from road bike to mountain bike, without the bike bending or falling. From this position the socket will always be perfectly reachable from the charger.

The Savana bench is made of okoume, a kind of wood normally used in shipbuilding for its characteristics of high resistance and impermeability.

It doesn’t need any kind of treatment of maintenance and it isn’t scared by high or low temperatures. The electrical sockets are isolated from the ground to prevent intrusions or damages.

The hollow body of the seat makes the bench light enough to be easily transported without any special need for its setting.

Modular combo

Creating a rest area is simple with the Savana combined line consisting of the mechanical assistance bike station and the recharging bench.
Add the number of benches you need to the equipped bike station and customise the service according to your needs.

Watch the video and discover the Savana bike station.