We have gathered here the questions we are most frequently asked about our products. If you don’t find the answers to your doubts here, contact us through the form, and we will be happy to respond to all your inquiries.

Certainly yes, and that is why it was designed. The steel body is subjected to three different treatments to withstand the elements. Sandblasting prepares the material for subsequent treatments making the surface homogeneous and free of impurities.

The galvanizing primer (not to be confused with the galvanizing) is a chemical treatment through which the zinc particles melt into the metal body, then the powder coating is carried out dried in the oven at 180 degrees, exactly like the frames of the motorcycles or bicycles.

The foot pump unit, in machined from billet aluminum, is also assembled with a plastic cover that makes it impossible for mud and dust to enter the pump.

Technically yes but we don’t offer this option. We do not believe that it is essential to make it self-sufficient, the production costs would be extremely higher, the surface of panels necessary for the simultaneous charging of 4 e-bike batteries would be very large and would require an additional support structure.

On the other hand, we believe that those who use Clorofilla to recharge their e-bike during an excursion, will organize their break near a refreshment point, like bars or restaurants, where there is already an electricity network and the operator himself wil provide a free recharge service, while it has the possibility to welcome bikers and make them sit at the table.

Basically we think almost none, Clorofilla is built to last over time and is not afraid of bad weather.

Clorofilla structure is itself a pole, so if you want to secure your bike while recharging, you can use the body itself, just like when you are in town and tie your bike to a pole or to a tree.

On the Spot model you can use the rear tube structure.

Our foot pump reaches 8 Bar (116PSI), a mountain bike normally inflates to a pressure ranging from 1.5 to 2 bar (22 to 29PSI).

A roadracing bike sometimes inflates even at pressures slightly higher than 8 Bar but always remember that Clorofilla does NOT replace the mechanic’s workshop, it only serves to bring you home in case of need.

Because we didn’t want to add a weak part against the elements. Gauges available at reasonable cost on the market are designed to stay in the shop or inside your garage, they would not withstand a winter in the snow.

The good old way of feeling pressure by hand, in case of need, is always the best.

Yes, but only for quantities over 5 pieces. In this case we will ask for an advance payement of 30% at the order.

Certainly on the Basic and Trail models, which do not require an electrical connection. The holes in the mobile base are also compatible with the Power model if you do not have a permanent electrical track. The Spot model for charging only, on the other hand, is designed only to be fixed to the ground with a permanent electrical track and the holes are not compatible with the mobile base.

Clorofilla warranty covers manufacturing and welding defects and any malfunctions of the foot pump due to assembling mistakes for 24 months. We obviously cannot cover up vandalism.

In that case we will provide the parts to be replaced after a cost estimate.

Almost all the batteries on the market absorb about 200Watt during recharging. A Clorofilla Power model station can recharge up to 4 batteries at the same time, so that a maximum absorption of about 0.8  Kilowatt would be achieved. There are also batteries that absorb about 300Watts but they are a very low
percentage compared to the norm. Chargers are not included. The Spot model can charge up to 2 batteries.

The courier will deliver you a wooden case, if you do not have a forklift it can be easily unloaded by two people, approximate weight about 45 kg.

You will need a pair of scissors to cut the plastic straps, a screwdriver to remove the screws at the base of the case and a 13 mm wrench to unscrew the screws with which Clorofilla is fixed to the floor of the case.

In the packaging you will find the user manual and the Fischer plugs necessary for fixing to the ground. If you have purchased the mobile base on wheels you will also find it inside the case.