Implementing a service for cyclists is as important as making it known and, above all, ensuring that it is easily discoverable!

At Clorofilla, we never tire of emphasizing how important it is to let the cycling community know about the existence of the assistance stations. A station that no one finds is a useless one and becomes an investment without fruit for those who decide to equip themselves and make it available to their customers or citizens.

That’s why we thought of helping you and helping cyclists by providing two simple tools for finding Clorofilla stations and giving visibility to those who have chosen to install them.

The first is our interactive Google map, which you can find HERE and allows anyone to locate the nearest column (using the “find around me” function) or view the available stations in a particular area of ​​interest.

The map allows you to use all the normal functions of Google Maps to get the address, location, view photos, and get navigation directions to the stations. In addition to this, we have included the columns in a very popular tool among cyclists and cycling tourists, namely the Komoot app (in German komoot meaning “convenient”).

mappa colonnine

Komoot currently has about 40 million users worldwide and is also highly appreciated in Italy for tracking routes and finding routes and services dedicated to cyclists.

Clorofilla is a partner of Komoot and in the collection that you can find HERE has put together all the stations that have been reported so that Komoot users can find them on their route.

It is also possible to trace routes that include the columns to be sure to have Clorofilla always at hand.

To those who purchase a station, we always ask to report its position once installed and to send us photos and a description of the place where it is placed to help make it known in the world of cyclists.

The stations indicated on our map and in the Komoot collection are only a part of those we have sold in Italy and the rest of Europe to date, as information has not been provided for many of them.

If you want to help us complete our collection, you can report the columns you encounter on your way by sending us an email to with photos and location or address and any information you deem important.

Our commitment at Clorofilla is always to make life easier for those who choose the bicycle as a means of transportation, leisure, sport, and… knowledge! That’s why every small gesture to make life easier for those who invest in us or those who pedal out there is important to us.

Happy cycling!