Service and charging stations for bicycles and e-bikes

Since 2019, Clorofilla designs and manufactures products aimed at providing assistance to those who move by bike. From small repairs to recharging electric bikes, here are our solutions to equip public and private spaces for the simple and reliable accommodation of cyclists.

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Clorofilla: a 100% made in Italy project

We believe in the power of the bicycle to improve people’s lives. In daily commutes, leisure time, vacations, and exploring the territory, the bike serves as a means to enhance our life experience and take care of the world we live in. That’s why over the years, we have developed solutions suitable for all those entities that share this vision and want to meet the needs of those who choose the bicycle.

Small breakdowns, flat tires and drained batteries are no longer a problem thanks to Clorofilla stations. Bike paths, urban parks, trail networks, as well as hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants can equip themselves with a reliable ally, easy to install, and maintenance-free to meet the needs of citizens and customers who move by bike. With products featuring unique design and the 100% made in Italy quality of Buratti Meccanica, Clorofilla has the solution for you.

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The best e-bike and bicycle lift

With the patented double-clamp system, you always work in the optimal position.

Sequoia is a unique lift that allows you to rotate the bike in twelve different positions, even upside down, effortlessly. Thanks to the patented double-clamp grip, you can work on even the heaviest e-bikes without any risk of damaging frames and seatposts. Perfectly stable even in positions of maximum imbalance without the need to anchor it to the ground, it requires no maintenance and does not need an electrical connection.

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Savana Line

Repair station and charging bench in wood and metal, ideal for natural environments. A modular solution adaptable to specific needs.

Savana bike station

The Savana post: wood and steel, unique design, bicycle charging, durable, functional. Ideal for urban and suburban areas, maintenance-free.

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Savana bench

The Savana seat offers bike charging, with safe electrical sockets, durable okumé wood. Ideal for parks, cycle paths, maintenance-free.

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