Clorofilla is proud to announce that the Sequoia double-clamp lifter, designed to assist mechanics, rental companies, and other industry professionals, is now being marketed throughout Italy by Würth.

For months, Clorofilla has been working on this agreement, which now allows the lifter equipped with Clorofilla’s patented double-clamp system to be found for sale on Würth Italy’s online shop and in its retail outlets.

This is an important milestone for Clorofilla, which makes us especially proud because it signifies recognition from a powerhouse like Würth of the validity and quality of our lifter. It was indeed Würth Italy who approached us because they were interested in learning more about this product, equipped, let’s remember, with a unique solution in the bike sector.

We’re talking about the double clamp that allows the Clorofilla lifter to perform operations that are impossible with other bike lifters, such as flipping the bike and working in positions of maximum imbalance, even on the heaviest e-bikes.


Professional mechanics are finding themselves working more and more often on electric bikes due to their increasing popularity. Using a traditional professional stand makes it very difficult to work on these bikes, whose weight (well over twenty kilograms with the batteries mounted) constantly bears down on the operator.

The consequences can be many, from back pain at the end of the day to the risk of injuries to the bikes themselves (it’s common, for example, to tear a cable while working on the engines from below).

The use of the double-clamp lifter allows you to always work in the most congenial position for the operation to be performed. The bike is simply placed on the double-clamp rubberized support, from where it will be possible to adjust its height and rotate it into twelve different positions practically effortlessly and without electrical connection.

The opportunities offered by the double-clamp lifter are indeed many. Since it doesn’t need to be fixed to the ground, the lifter can be easily moved outside the workshop. Think, for example, of using it at race tracks with your own team or for a demo day for customers.

For small maintenance operations, it’s not even necessary to tighten the clamps, since the double clamp ensures extreme stability, thus simplifying and speeding up daily work (think, for example, of rentals that handle dozens of bikes every day).

Moreover, the lifter essentially doesn’t require any maintenance, thus becoming the most reliable ally of every mechanic. Having it available today with all the guarantees and safety of the Würth brand makes us extremely proud to be able to contribute to helping many professionals who work in the world of biking every day.