With a recently signed agreement officialized during the annual plenary assembly held on December 1st, Clorofilla becomes sponsor of  Finale Outdoor Region (FOR)  for 2023 together with Bosch, as main sponsor, Ship to cycle Futurenergy.
Finale Outdoor Region is a private consortium of the hospitality, food & beverage, beach and outdoor operators in the Finalese area with the aim to promote, safeguard and enhance the territory starting right from the outdoor activities that have made Finale Ligure an important brand throughout the world.

Clorofilla diventa sponsor di Finale Outdoor Region
Owner Lorenzo Buratti on stage with Enrico Guala during the presentation at the FOR consortium

The presence of Clorofilla in Finale Ligure is the result of human relationships that were born before professional ones. Relationships that have created in the many years during which we have been visiting this territory as passionate bikers, thus falling in love with its territory and testifying its evolution.
The huge effort displayed by FOR Consortium is born from a group of long-sighted people who thirty years ago have bet on the potential of the  outdoor activities, and in particular on mtb and e-mtb world as a flywheel for the growth of all the territory.

The exceptional numbers presented during the annual assembly of the consortium testify how good their vision was. A vision that  has made Finale Ligure one of the most craved destinations for bikers all over the world, with several other realities looking at it as an example of good practices and innovative ideas for sports tourism.
Clorofilla  recognizes itself in the values behind this vision that sees the presence of cyclists on the territory as a reason of sustainable growth, safeguard and enhancing, not of exploiting.

The sponsor agreement provides visibility to Clorofilla through the several communication channels activated by FOR, beyond a direct relationship with the members of the consortium.
The sponsorship also comes through the installation of Clorofilla  Power station and a  Liana rack  in the Outdoor Base of Finale Ligure.

Outdoor Base info point in Finale Ligure is an essential referee for all the riders

Info point and starting point for the bike shuttle and tours on the trails, the Outdoor Base is a mandatory stop for the many bikers in the region, who can thus take advantage of the services provided by Clorofilla.
In spring 2023 a second info point will be open in Pietra Ligure, where a wide trail area especially designed for e-bikes is being developed. The Outdoor Base of Pietra too will be furnished with a Clorofilla recharge and repair station and bike rack accessible to all riders for free.